Monday, May 09, 2005

Like w/e


im tired of stupid people saying things like w/e and teh but i have come to talk about it so much that now im addicted to talkin slang and crud

there i go ok if the next 3 peeps that read this do a reply ill give them a cookie if i know them irl or on rs give them money if u dnt have a rs account well srry but ur this sux...some one email me or im me at one brat princes so im not so freakin bored



hey im adicted to posting on this but some peeps r so mean..they wont even have a freakin look at at school they gave us all free bibles..thats like illeagel (SP)....and it stunk...and like stupid teenage hormones...they r killing all of best friend is mad at me cuz she thinks i like this guy that shes dating well i dont like they guy oh well life sux have a cookie

Like w/e

Saturday, May 07, 2005

A piece of poety called A bloody wedding


Oh my god!,
What have I done?,
Ive cut ur wrists,
And severed ur head,
I want u to know,
That I still love u,
Even after what u’ve done,
I still love u,

Cheating on me with that wench,
Was a very stupid thing,
But now I have revenge,
Oh god revenge is so sweet,
As I sit here laying on the floor beside u,
I look into ur once blue eyes,
And start to despise , myself for what I’ve done,
But what am I thinking that’s all of the fun!,
Knowing how I am a sick person,
But knowing u,
Were as sick as me,
We were ment for each other,
Like blood and a knife,
I just want you to know ill still be ur wife,
Now we must dress up for the wedding,
Now put on ur tux and here is ur head,
U look well,
Better than b4,
Its time to kiss the bride,
Oh the sweet sweet kiss,
For the warmth of ur lips ill always miss,
Ill nvr forget that last kiss,
Like it or not i love flames so bring it

My word


My favs.

Bratchet-A female dog...My definition is since peeps can call me a bitch i call them a bratchet..hehe...
like come on im so board im making more of these things..anyone here play runescape?well if u do my rs username is Lovers Death....give me a call

.....Wow Life Sucks


like Life sucks so much that im doing a ..lets say sure even if u did find this page u dont wanna read my poetry or listen to how stupid i am..if u do wanna read my poetry wait for my next post..